#ippdailydraw Late with Aug 6th


Self portrait

I am behind … August 7th ‘s drawing to follow later today.

As yet I feel I’ve done some ‘good’ drawings and some terrible ones… which you haven’t really seen! The main thing is to do it. At some point I hope I will start to feel that I draw with no anxiety. May take all four weeks or longer. Wouldn’t it be great if we all find that drawing becomes a habit.


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4 thoughts on “#ippdailydraw Late with Aug 6th

  1. I’m behind too, am just going to take my pad and wander around the house looking for something for today’s. I want to see an improvement in my drawing over the course of the month, especially as I’ll be going away for a few days later on and hope to find new inspiration.
    I’m loving yours Gabs, and thanks for the challenge.
    Joy x x

    • Hi Laura
      that’s great to know! I wonder if you want to join the Flickr group and post your drawings there? I don’t know if anyone (apart from me) would look at a link on my site. A lot more people would get to see your drawings and you’d see the others too. If you want to just look for #ippdailydraw in the search on Flickr, find the group and have a look. best wishes Gabs

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